TRUUST is in the business of helping our customers convert their existing brain research to better sales and product performance. Our data analysis & services offerings fit within established workflows providing for better decisions in less time and for less money.


Which type of data are you hoping to see better with TRUUST Super Resolution?
Introducing TRUUST Neuroimaging:

See what you couldn't see before...

From Virtual Reality, to Neurostimulation, to NeuroMarketing, to Consumer Testing and beyond; there is an increasing amount of applications being built utilizing data collected from brain wave activity.

TRUUST Neuroimaging offers an advanced imaging data analysis platform and premium services enabling significantly higher returns for investments made into EEG related work. This increased resolution provides for increased statistical power of related experiments, unlocking the benefits noted below.

The solution utilizes pioneering technology developed in Near-Field Electromagnetic Holography analysis, providing for 10+x more accurate evaluation of brain wave activity. This new form of multi-level, electrophysiological, dynamic analysis is used as a cost effective strategy to better interpret what is occurring inside the brain when a given subject is exposed to various stimuli.

Key Benefits for User Testing

Partners can test TRUUST for free and upon success benefit from:

  • Product Development: Better understand what drives consumer decision making to more accurately predict which products will sell.
  • NeuroMarketing: Better understand consumer sentiment to Ad Copy, Content, etc. to more accurately predict which creative will yield best engagement.
  • NeuroStimulation: Better understand where to place stimulation electrodes and more accurately measure efficacy.
  • User Testing: Whether for internal diagnostics of Brain related offerings, or to test the experience of consumers using various products; more accurately measure brain response associated with this testing.
Introducing TRUUST Neuroimaging:

See what you couldn't see before...

TRUUST Neuroimaging offers an advanced imaging data analysis platform and premium services. The TRUUST Super Resolution platform is designed to enhance data collected from MEA's providing for up to 10 X increased resolution, and benefits noted below.

TRUUST Super Resolution for MEA DATA

The solution utilizes pioneering proprietary technology developed with near-field electromagnetic holography and shows patterns of directional propagation which reveal underlying networks that were previously invisible . This new form of multi-level, electrophysiological, dynamic analysis can be used as part of a larger cost effective strategy to develop molecular markers and surrogate endpoints for various neurological and psychiatric diseases.

  • Identify cellular networks, energy fields, propagation and power - delivering phenotype signatures from iPSCs
  • Resolve patterns of synaptic transmission within and across wells by disease/control that were previously unseen
  • Allow more rapid, real-time prediction of how these energy patterns correlate network energy with chemistry, synapse formation, & morphology
  • Show how spiking patterns differentiate disease vs. control, and in chemical challenges by agonists & antagonists




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